PATTERN workshop at WCRI 2024!

14th Jun 2024

The second PATTERN outreach workshop, integrated within the symposium on the “Governance of research integrity in the era of open science” at the World Conference on Research Integrity (WCRI) in Athens (2-5 June 2024).

The symposium has discussed topics related to the effective implementation of Open Science (OS) and how to create an ethics and integrity-based governance structure, to support OS’ rationales of fairness, openness and inclusiveness.

The presentations have highlighted how, in the absence of a value-based approach to OS, inequalities, biases, and questionable research practices are created, recreated, or strengthened.

The main conclusion was that a strong governance structure, founded on ethics and integrity, is crucial for the successful OS implementation.

The symposium explored various aspects of OS and discussed the practices and governance models in Europe and beyond.

It provided insights from experts directly involved in OS and its governance, complemented by the presentation of the updated version of the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity, and its approach to responsible OS, and well as the first-ever ethics and integrity guidelines in Europe – the ROSiE General Guidelines on Responsible OS with the Field-Specific Ethics and Integrity Guidelines.

In this context the main aims, goals and work-done to date within the PATTERN project were presented. The following discussions concentrated around issues of better cooperation within the OS ecosystem, aligning efforts instead of recreating or multiplying existing approached, models and tools, and fostering a more global, non-Eurocentric perspective of OS implementation.